Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hey walkers! Let's get to walking again!

We'll be starting a new round on November 1, hiking Vermont's 273-mile Long Trail. This will give us time to get into shape while we decide on a longer trail. I was thinking of the the Pacific Crest Trail -- any other suggestions? Something in another country would be cool.

The Green Mountain Club website describes the Long Trail this way:

"Hiking the entire 273 miles of the Long Trail from the Massachusetts to the Canadian border, is a unique and wonderful experience. People of all ages and backgrounds can be found amongst the list of Long Trail end to enders. Many do it in one hike, taking anywhere from 20 to 30 days. Still others take 20 years to complete the 273 mile trek. Most hikers hike from shelter to shelter stringing together many hiking days at a time. Others complete the trail by taking only day hikes. There is no prescribed mode for doing it, only that you cover the entire length of the trail on foot."

Here's a pointer to a map from 1917 :) I hope I can find a better one, or at least a description with mileage!