Friday, February 29, 2008

Appalachian Trail info

for new recruits: Feel free to start at whatever point will be most motivating for you. At the beginning is fine, or pick another mile marker -- current walkers have done anywhere from 350 to 1500 miles as of 1 January, so wherever you start, you'll be near somebody -- and we're all together anyway :D

For the first section of this hike, we're starting from Springer Mountain in Georgia and going to Rock Gap Shelter on the North Carolina/Tennessee border, a distance of 103 miles. From there, we just keep on walking ;) You can look here for a list of the shelters we'll pass through. Here's a map that will let us look at our progress until I get our map working*.

This web site includes lots of information about the AT. If you want more detailed information about the places we're walking, you can look in this guide book.

When the last person gets to the Blue Mountain shelter at 48.5 miles, we'll have our first virtual campfire. Virtual campfires happen at the end of the month, for everybody, no matter how slowly you're going.

*I'm not sure when I'll have the map; I've got some family issues going on that are eating into my time and energy. But it's coming along nicely.

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