Friday, January 30, 2009

Day 339, Friday, January 30

A better day -- warmed up above freezing, so it was easy to chop a lot more ice. Plus got 1.3 miles walking around.

January and year: 70.9
AT: 787.9

Day 338, Thursday, January 29

Sorry for vanishing, but when your walking rates, umm, 0 steps, it's hard to come and report it. However, I am climbing out of the pit of flu, so have some steps to share with you. Yes, I am still a bit loopy. How can you tell?

Steps: 3441
PED Miles: 1.43
Non-PED Miles: 0
Total Miles: 1.43
YTD Total: 69.79
AT Total: 958.89
Virtual Walk Total: 1020.55

Today I took a VERY short walk :). And did okay.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Day 337, Wednesday, January 28

Val reminded me how lax I've been in coming to visit lately. I have been keeping track. Some days are better than others.

AT miles: 947.11

YTD miles: 67.25

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Day 336, Tuesday January 27

So it warmed up. So it snowed. Sigh.

Brody got a quick walk first thing, then I walked some over my noon hour, then hubby and I and the pup took a decent walk after work. 4.58 miles total. More like it.

AT: 1239.9
YTD: 99.1

I see I should've walked a few more steps and broke 100! Ah well, there's always tomorrow.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Day 335, Monday January 26

It's COLD here. I think today topped out at about -12C. Pup barely got his nose out the door this morning. I don't feel as dedicated on Mondays cause it's hubby's day off so pup gets more chances to get out. I did take him to the end of the road after I got home from work. Then I went to J's brother-in-law's birthday party and had a large piece of lemon meringue pie, which doubtless undid all those walks and more. Today: 2.76 miles

AT: 1235.32
YTD: 94.52

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Day 334, Sunday January 25

Took Brody to the end of the road this morning, first time since early last week. It was very cold out and windy, but we survived. Afternoon walk was shorter, and not noticeably warmer. When is spring, again? I'm ready! Today: 3.59 miles

AT: 1232.56
YTD: 91.76

Anyone seen this? I think it's a way one can visualize their walking, but I can't quite figure it out?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Day 333, Saturday, January 24

I did better today, with three short(ish) walks with Brody, plus a bit of shopping and housecleaning/ laundry. That puppy doesn't act like he's recovering from surgery. He has a lot of energy. Maybe tomorrow I'll pretend the vet didn't say seven to ten DAYS for full recovery? (Brody thought he said *hours* I think.) Today: 4.41 miles

AT: 1228.97
YTD: 88.17

Day 332, Friday January 23

I did very little on Friday to move my fitness goals forward. I picked up Brody from the vet at noon, took him for a short walk. He seems to have plenty of energy but the vet said to limit his activity for a week. Somehow I didn't get mobilized for a walk without him, nor did I do the SparkPeople vid. Total for the day: 1.22 miles

AT: 1224.55
YTD: 83.75

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Day 331, Thursday January 22

Brody got a short walk this morning before his long drive into town and his visit to the vet. I walked at noon in town and after work without him, which seemed strange! Also did the SparkPeople exercise vid for today. Pup will be home tomorrow.

Today: 4.22 miles
AT: 1223.33
YTD: 82.53

Day 330, Wednesday January 21

Forgot my pedometer this morning, so until I got home from work, I estimated my steps at about 2000 (based on other mornings' puppy walks and the bit I did over lunch). Hubby and I didn't walk far after work as we had a full evening planned, and I got more steps painting walls at his sister's house than I would have guessed (but I was wearing the pedometer by then, so I'll believe it!) I'm BUSHED. No SparkPeople vid tonight. I'm so sore and I just don't have it in me, getting home at ten and all. 2.62 miles for the day.

Tomorrow morning I take Brody in for his *fixing* surgery. Will it make him a humbler little tigger? One can hope.

AT: 1219.12
YTD: 78.21

P.S.--Look at me, all snugged in at Allentown Hiking Club Shelter in Pennsylvania! I'm betting it looks different today than in this photo I found online:

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Day 329, Tuesday January 20

Four miles to and from art class plus morning errands and the usual around-the-house steps.

January and year: 50.1
AT: 767.1

Monday, January 19, 2009

Day 328, Monday January 19

Sunday I took Brody for his first-thing-in-the-morning walk, and after lunch we drove out to the railway bridge (you all have seen a LOT of photos of that bridge over the years!), strapped on the snowshoes, and went for a hike for a couple of hours. We didn't go that far, really, but it was a sunny day and it was nice to get out, and snowshoeing has GOT to burn more calories than walking. Also did an ab workout from SparkPeople. 4.2 miles.

Today Brody got a very short morning walk but we did the full thing after work. It seemed much colder than the temp said--it recorded at -8C and felt about -15. And I've done the SparkPeople exercise vids for the day. I'm DONE!!! 2.78 miles.

AT: 1211.25
YTD: 70.45

Day 327, Sunday, January 18

So how did everyone do with their Sunday?

Mine was pretty simple.

Steps: 8219
PED Miles: 3.4
Non-PED Miles: 0.7
Total Miles: 4.1
YTD Total: 56.83
AT Total: 945.93
Virtual Walk Total: 1007.59

One decent walk, some errands ran, and my SparkPeople Cardio.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Day 326, Saturday, January 17

Hubby worked today, so the pup and I had our morning walk. In the afternoon the sun actually finally broke through the fog. I found my misplaced sunglasses and Brody and I went snowshoeing. Well, he didn't strap them on his feet, he just bounced off mine... So I got more exercise than the steps account for, but that's okay. I also did today's SparkPeople vid so I'm back on track. Today: 3.22 miles.

AT: 1204.27
YTD: 63.47

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Day 325, Friday, Jan 16

I've sort of neglected to check in here this week. Most days I've gotten a short walk in the morning--it's SO HARD to get rolling in the morning this week, Brody's lucky to get out the door at all. And then a long walk after work. One day I got a solid brisk SUNSHINEY!!!! noon hour walk too. I think you'll guess which day! And I've missed a couple of days of SparkPeople vids now. Maybe I'll get back on track tomorrow.

Tuesday: 3.84
Wednesday: 3.31
Thursday: 4.24
Friday: 3.21

AT: 1201.05
YTD: 60.25

Friday, January 16, 2009

Day 324: Thursday, January 15, 2009

Gosh, I don't know what happened yesterday. I thought I recorded it, but guess not :p.

So here's a Thursday AND Wednesday to start out the 324th day of our trek :).

Steps: 5189
PED Miles: 2.15
Non-PED Miles: 1.5
Total Miles: 3.65
YTD Total: 42.24
AT Total: 931.34
Virtual Walk Total: 993

Went on errands and walked, then sparkpeople. Day ended busy and late.

Steps: 6183
PED Miles: 2.56
Non-PED Miles: 1
Total Miles: 3.56
YTD Total: 45.8
AT Total: 934.9
Virtual Walk Total: 996.56

Two walks and sparkpeople…the lower body ones that made me ache for 4 days last time :p.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cold, but not windy, about 16 degrees at noon, ran 3.5 miles. Did Pilates in the evening so no extra mileage there.

Total: 3.5
AT: 1,592

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Day 322, Tuesday January 13

Today was my art class, so lots of walking to and from the T. Total 4 miles. Tomorrow I think it's the exercise bike again. Calf is quite sore tonight.

January and year: 34
AT: 751

Monday, January 12, 2009

Day 321, Monday, January 12

Short morning walk with the pup, then Jim and I and Brody walked to the irrigation channel and back after work. Also some running around at work and my SparkPeople exercise vids. Today's mileage: 3.84.

AT: 1186.99
YTD: 46.19

Day 320, Sunday January 11

I took Brody for his usual morning walk, then after lunch we went snowshoeing. We stayed on top much better than he did, poor pup. He'd run along a bit and then suddenly start sinking. Wore him out. I also did my SparkPeople exercise video for the day. Today: 4.09 miles

AT: 1183.15
YTD: 42.35

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Day 319, Saturday, January 10

I did notice it on my arms, Margaret. I was thinking as I was weed eating that the swinging motion would be a workout of sorts. Thankfully, it's not too bad. But you must have passed your flu my way, because I'm congested, my sinuses are draining, and my throat is getting scratchy. None of those are good signs. Attempting preventative care.

Not a good day for walking, even though hubby and I did a little antiquing.

3026 steps for 1.62 miles.

AT miles: 913.74

YTD miles: 33.88

Friday, January 9, 2009

Day 318, Friday, January 9

We have a half acre with our 3 bay garage property, and I took the weed eater to it today. That and Wal-Mart shopping accounted for the bulk of my steps.

6486 steps and 3.47 miles

AT miles: 912.12

YTD miles: 32.26

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Day 317, Thursday January 8

Well, I nearly took another slick day when my 4x4 slid gently into the snowbank on my road this morning. However, I managed to get it backed out and back home and my boss drove out to get me. I walked (shuffled and slid, more like) out to the main road to meet him. I was really close to being able to drive but the little hill at the end was just too much--sheer ice, not sanded or salted.

Walked little at noon and nothing after work. It's just plain ice. So after I did my Day 5 video, I found the kickboxing one from a few days ago and did it. Still not really all the cardio I needed and few steps, but hey. I have a good excuse...reason...whatever.

Today's steps: 2926/ 1.2 miles
AT: 1169.04
YTD: 28.24

Day 316, Wednesday January 7

I took the slick day today and glad of it. Imagine rain on 8 inches of snow on a few inches of slush on top of ice. Yeah. Good times. Brody and I walked in the morning, a bit slow going because the road was so slippery. But it was WAY slipperier in the afternoon when it had rained all day.

Hubby says the main roads have been sanded, so I expect to go to work tomorrow.

Today's steps are a bit high because my step length was so short, but I'm claiming them anyway! It's giving me 4.78 miles today...not that far out.

AT: 1167.84
YTD: 27.04

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Day 315, Tuesday, January 6

I took the T in to Boston today for the first day of my art class, and wound up doing more walking than I planned. 5.5 miles. I'm sure it was good for me but boy I'm tired now...

January and year: 15.2
AT: 733.2

Monday, January 5, 2009

Day 314, Monday, January 5

Okay....It's good and cold in Texas today, and we don't have heat on the first floor of the house. A part is on order, and we're pricing a new heating/cooling system. Hubby got two gas heaters we have working, and by afternoon, the two rooms we use most on the first floor were nearly as warm as we usually keep the house. The living room, dining room, and downstairs bathroom were about...41F. Thank heaven for wooden toilet seats.

Hershey did take me out for a walk resulting in 20 minutes of aerobic steps, but I still had my worst step day this year: 3930 steps for 2.1 miles.

AT miles: 898.87

YTD miles: 19.01

Virtual Walk miles: 996.69

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Day 313, Sunday January 4

Today wasn't *quite* as cold, but I also bundled up warmer! A walk with the pup in the morning. He's pretty funny. The ditches he used to leap into are full of snow, but it is softer, deeper snow than the rest of beside-the-road. Good thing he's a big dog or he'd never get himself back out. And today he learned the ice hockey sliding stop.

Afternoon I did the 10-minute kickboxing video from SparkPeople for the *New You* challenge, then Jim and I walked the pup again. 11727 steps: 4.82 miles.

AT: 1154.65
YTD: 13.85

Day 312, Saturday January 3

Today was fairly cold. I don't think it got above -10C all day. Brody and I walked to the irrigation channel and back twice, plus I dusted and vacuumed the house and did laundry (ran up and down the stairs a pile of times!) for a grand total of 4.5 miles today.

AT: 1149.83
YTD: 9.03

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Day 311, Friday, January 2, 2009

Steps: 2261
PED Miles: 0.94
Non-PED Miles: 1.75
Total Miles: 2.69
YTD Total: 5.53
AT Total: 894.63
Virtual Walk Total: 956.29

Did a small walk in Home Depot but it's been raining on and off all day so got my exercise on the WII playing left and right simultaneously again. Crazy!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Day 310, Thursday, January 1, 2009

I'm pretty much done hiking around for tonight. Hershey took me for a walk this morning. He says he wants to get rid of the pork around his waist that he's picked up since moving back to Texas. No, he didn't really say that, I said that about him, but he loved the walk all the same.

I pumped up the tires on my bike and took it on a short one mile ride. Knees were noticing it on the last leg, so that's a good way to start. I'll build from here.

6170 steps for 3.31 miles (1477 aerobic steps for 15 minutes)

AT miles: 883.16

YTD miles: 3.31

(Having trouble with the spreadsheet, but I'm sure Mar will explain what's happening to me. Doesn't make sense that it's cutting my miles by over one-third.)

Day 309, December 31, 2008

Hope you all have had/are having a happy new year's eve. Brody and I had a morning walk today-first time we've been to the irrigation channel at the end of our road in almost four weeks. The rest of my steps today were grocery shopping, house cleaning, etc. 8678 steps/ 3.57 miles.

AT: 1140.8
YTD: 1237.9

And that's the end of this spreadsheet! On to a new one tomorrow (thanks for making me one, Mar...) That YTD is gonna look sad come tomorrow! :P