Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day 739, Saturday March 6

Forgot to post the weekly as well, but still trucking.

Steps: 28867
PED Miles: 12.27
Non-PED Miles: 13.75
Total Miles: 26.02
YTD Total: 177.23
AT Total: 2019.48
Virtual Walk Total: 2081.14

Hmm, going on the length of 2175, I'm actually getting close. This week I got my miles doing errands, long walks, Wii Resort, laundry, short walks, and a lot of roller skating at a rink (1.5 hours). This was a good week for mileage, but I did have two days that were below 2.5...and several way higher than it.

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Bonnie said...

Nice walking, Mar. Yeah, you're getting really close!

For total mileage, I'm using the 2167.something from the shelter list. I can go with 2175, though.

I think when I get there, I'm going to turn around and work the trail from north to south. Hopefully it won't take me as long as going up did!