Sunday, April 4, 2010

Day 767, Saturday 3 April 2010

I need to remember to update more often. I confuse myself when I leave it too long.

I'm through the Presidentials now, spending the night in Gorham, NH. A good place to find a warm bed, a good meal, and a shower, not necessarily in that order :D

April: 10.2
March: 65
Year at end of March: 204.7
Year to date: 214.9
AT at end of March: 1861.6
AT to date: 1871.8

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Margaret said...

Nice work, Bonnie :). And yeah, that's why I'm trying to be consistent about Saturdays. Of course I'm forgetting often enough :p. Our dates and days match up though.

Steps: 9720
PED Miles: 4.13
Non-PED Miles: 2.75
Total Miles: 6.88
YTD Total: 235.47
AT Total: 2077.72
Virtual Walk Total: 2139.38

As you can see, this was a fabulous week :p. My back was out and so I didn't start moving much at all until the end of the week. But it's getting better by leaps and bounds, so I'm happy :).