Friday, October 2, 2009

Day 582, Thursday October 1

Hey all! I'm still alive. I still have a dog, so I'm still walking too, lol. Been writing like crazy and painting walls. What can I say. It's my life.

No idea where I am, but here are the stats:

Post AT: 282.66
YTD: 1316.86


neils said...

Glad to hear from you, and glad the writing is going well.

Knee has been sore so trying to take it easy.

Wednesday walked 1.5 at noon and 2 miles in the evening going to MFA and back.

Thursday walked 1.5 at noon then played a bunch of golf holes in random order, about 4 miles.

Total: 9
AT: 1,468

Bonnie said...

Tuesday and Wednesday: 5 miles total.

Thursday: about 1.5 miles of running up and down stairs with laundry, running around the kitchen baking bread and making chili, and running out to the garage to get more wood for the fireplace. Ended with killer backache that still hurts this morning.

Neil and I are only 21 miles apart *g*

October: 1.5
September: 83.9
year: 727.9
AT: 1447.9