Monday, October 5, 2009

Day 585, Sunday October 4

Saturday it rained, but we managed a 1.5 mile walk, about a third of it in the rain. Rode the stationary bike for 6 miles in the afternoon


Sunday played golf on the 15 hole course, had fun 4 miles, after watching the Pats game mowed the front yard 1 mile.


Total: 12.5
AT: 1,450.5


Bonnie said...

Saturday we got in one 1.5 mile walk in the rain. Sunday, golf for 4 miles plus half a mile of other walking. Total 5.5 miles.

October: 7.0
year: 734.9
AT: 1454.9

Bonnie said...

Correction, that's 8.5 in October.