Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Day 470, Wednesday June 10

I've been faithfully recording my steps every day on my spreadsheet. Too bad I don't make it all the way here! Busy this week (isn't it always, this time of year?) getting our bees settled in and prepping for vacation. We leave for ten days Friday morning, so you likely won't see me till we're home. I'll keep track of steps though so I can load it all up when we're back. Current stats:

AT: 1867.63
YTD: 726.83


neils said...

Tuesday, played golf in the morning 3 miles and walked 1.5 in the afternoon.

total 4.5

Wednesday went on a group hike to Mt. Moosilauke in NH. 7 miles round trip with 2,500 feet of elevation. The clouds lifted enough to have decent views. A very enjoyable hike. While driving home actually saw a moose. She was just off the road and retreated about 20 yards when the car drove by, and from there just watched us.

In the evening went for walk with Bonnie 1.5.

Total: 8.5

AT: 2,027.5

Bonnie said...

I felt really crappy most of the day and didn't do much except go for a walk with Neil after he got back from his hike. 1.8 miles.

June: 30.7
year: 399.3
AT: 1116.3

Bonnie said...

Enjoy the vacation, Val! We'll keep walking while you're gone :D