Monday, June 22, 2009

Day 481, Sunday June 21

Thursday did the elyptical for 3 miles. We had to pack for the hike so no walk in the evening.

Friday walked the Gale River Trail 4.5 miles. Nice hike with light rain, managed to fall into one of the river crossings but no damage done. Bonnie hiked well.

Saturday hiked out to the Bonds, made Bond and West Bond, but didn't have time for Bond Cliff. It looked like a storm so we cut it short, but the sky's cleared up for 2 hours and we had great views from West Bond and looking back from Guyot. Hiked down South Twin with a professor from Texas who specializes in water rights law, interesting discussion, about 9 miles total.

Sunday hiked back to the car, no problems with water crossings today 4.5 miles. No energy left for evening walk. Once again Bonnie hiked well.

Total: 21
AT: 1,962.5

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Bonnie said...

1.5 Thursday

I got lots of steps Friday hiking in to Galehead -- the last part of the trail goes up more than forward, so I'd take a step two feet up and two inches forward. My pedometer measured it at 7.7 miles when it's really only 4.8. I had 2 miles in addition to that, from preparation before and walking around the hut after.

While Neil hiked the Bonds, I communed with my art work. I had some new water-soluble oil pastels that worked up beautifully. That was only a short walk, 1.2 miles on the day.

Hiked out Sunday, same distance as hiking in, with only a little extra. Say 5 total. So 14.5 for the weekend.

June: 67.6
year: 437.2
AT: 1156.2