Monday, May 4, 2009

Day 432, Sunday May 3

Saturday was so warm here I actually rediscovered shorts and sandals. Hubby was out of town for the day, so Brody and I had a couple of walks and some yard work for a total of 5.07 miles.

Today was cool and mixed weather, some sunny, a bit of rain. But the walking looked a lot the same (2 walks & yardwork), only less at 4.38 miles.

The apricot tree is blooming. The kids used to call it the popcorn tree because that's what the blossoms look like. Too bad we've never gotten edible apricots off of it. (The tree itself grew as a volunteer out of the compost!)

AT: 1675.19
YTD: 534.39


Margaret said...

Steps: 6600
PED Miles: 2.73
Non-PED Miles: 0
Total Miles: 2.73
YTD Total: 276.76
AT Total: 1165.86
Virtual Walk Total: 1227.52

Errands and a longish walk to get my distance today.

neils said...

Saturday, instead of raining it turned out to be nice and sunny, walked around the pond with Bonnie in the morning 2.5, then refereed a soccer game in the afternoon. Estimate 2.5, this is really gettiny scary, I'm doing the middle with bad knees, Steve is doing one line with 4 bulging disks in his back, and Brenden is doing the other line with a torn ACL. We need some healthy Refs.

Sunday played golf with Bonnie 3 miles, then walked 1.5 in the evening.

Total: 9.5
AT: 2,104

Bonnie said...

Golf with Neil in the morning. Collapsed in the afternoon :D 3.6 total.

May: 8.7
year: 278.1
AT: 994.1