Monday, May 25, 2009

Day 453, Sunday May 24

Another busy day, this one with family. Drove over the mountain to spend my *birthday* (two days after the fact) with my two sisters, my mom, my daughter, my niece (and assorted hubbies and my grephew!) So walked Brody before we left and after we got home, plus bits of walking over there. Today: 4.83 miles.

AT: 1778.29
YTD: 637.49

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neils said...

Saturday was Newport and we walked along the cliff's, very nice day, high in the low 70's and no rain, about 8 miles.

Sunday walked around the pond 2.5 and then ran 3 in the afternoon. Somehow the thunder storms missed us.

Bonnie is off to Montana to visit her parents, so she probably won't be posting for a week. If I hear anything interesting I'll pass it on.

Total: 13.5
AT: 2,124.5