Friday, May 29, 2009

Day 457, Thursday May 28

Wow, Mar, you think this can be accurate? I did walk morning, noon, and night. And counting 1.5 miles for an hour of Aquafit also, comes to 7.34 miles. That's...astonishing. However, I'm tired enough to believe it.

AT: 1800.81
YTD: 660.01


Margaret said...

Yes, Val, I think it can be accurate. You did your normal 5-6 miles walking, right? Plus spent an hour at aquafit. Maybe you can do something else for your lunch hour on the aquafit days? Normally I'd say make that count for the nighttime, but Brody would be annoyed :D.

Steps: 5920
PED Miles: 2.52
Non-PED Miles: 0
Total Miles: 2.52
YTD Total: 347.98
AT Total: 1237.08
Virtual Walk Total: 1298.74

Short walk today though the weather was nice. Got the rest with errands and a quick bit of rebounding at the end there to bump over my minimum.

neils said...

Continues to be damp, cool and cloudy, but got out to play golf in the moring 3 miles. At noon went to the gym and did 2 miles on elyptical and lifted weights.

Total: 5
AT: 2,104

Bonnie reports seeing lots of animals at Yellowstone Park. Highlight was a moose and baby buffalo.

Valerie said...

No way, Neil. ANIMALS at Yellowstone? Man, that's hard to believe! Glad she's having a good time. :)