Sunday, May 17, 2009

Day 445, Saturday May 16

It's been a couple of busy days here in BC. Friday I walked in the morning and afternoon with the pup, plus housecleaning and yard work to a total of 5.05 miles. My sis and her hubby arrived at supper time. This morning my BIL walked Brody EARLY!! and I gave him a shorter walk because *I* needed to stretch out when I got up, then we went for a hike by the river. Later, after the relatives had headed over the mountain to see our mother, we worked in the yard for several hours. Today's total: 5.66 miles.

AT: 1736.7
YTD: 595.9


neils said...

Friday ran at noon 3 miles, then we went shoping in the evning, walked about 1 mile.

Total: 4

Saturday was a beautiful day with bright blue skies. Played golf in the AM with Bonnie 3 miles then refereed soccer in the afternoon 3 miles. Sore now

Total: 6

Today its raining and windy, not sure what I'll do :)

Total: 10

AT: 2,163

Bonnie said...

Poor Friday seems to have got lost somewhere in the end of week bustle. *moment of respectful silence*

I have 5.9 miles for Thursday and Friday. Includes errands, puttering, a couple of walks, and a 9 holes of golf with Neil. (I shot 64, which is only like 30 over par on that course, but very good for me.) Gorgeous weather but rain moved in overnight and today is raw and unpleasant. I may opt for yoga and a bit on the exercise bike.

May: 47.1
year: 316.3
AT: 1032.3