Sunday, August 3, 2008

Day 155, Sunday 3 August

Welcome to new member Kimi! Glad to have you with us. And hugs EJ, that sounds like quite a saga. But the trail is here waiting for you and will be glad to have you back :)

Our weekend camping trip turned into a hike and a lot of rain -- details on my LJ and I'm sure Neil will have his own version :D

We took some pictures and I'll turn those into an album after we get them uploaded.

Friday: 1.5
Saturday: 5.5
Sunday: 2.5

August: 9.5
AT: 334.6
Year: 378.8


neils said...

Friday started out with golf 2 miles, then ran the usual loop at noon 3.5 and walk with Bonnie before dinner 1.5

Total: 7

Saturday, well Bonnie's live journal pretty much says it all. We decided better to be unzaped then be macho. Interestingly with the humidity it took us 3 hours and 15 minutes to get about 2.7 miles and 2000 feet up the mountain. But going down (with the thunder to get us moving) it only took us 1 hour 50 minutes. Still some gas in the tank.

The care taker said it had rained for the past 11 days he had been on site. Not much of a hiking summer and we didn't managed to meet any through hikers, I guess they were all hunkered down for the storm.

The moose was only the 3rd I've ever seen in the White Mountains. A very majestic looking animal.

Total: 6.5
AT: 845.75 + 7 + 6.5
AT: 859

Bonnie said...

Unfortunately I by the time I found the camera, the moose was gone, but we got some other nice photos, which you can see here.

neils said...

Now that I think about it, the post was about Saturday, so here is Sunday's report. As Bonnie said we got up and it was raining cats and dogs, so we packed up and drove home, it was only intermediate showers at home :)

Walked around the pond 2.5, went for a 3 mile run and seem to have strained my knee, an easy 1 mile walk before bed.

Total: 6.5
AT: 865.5

Of course today is a beautiful day and its supposed to be bright and sunny today and tomorrow with temps in the 70's. Seems that the nice weather always misses the weekend.