Saturday, August 23, 2008

Day 175, Friday August 22

Had a good walk this morning with Brody, and I've been on my feet a lot this afternoon and evening as the daughter and I are having a mega soup canning marathon. Today we canned beef broth (11 quarts) and ham-based green bean soup (9 quarts). More soup tomorrow!

Brody had his second shots today and he weighs 22 pounds, double what he weighed 4 weeks ago. He walked really well this evening off leash with Jim and I, though he *took turns* at whose heel he felt like walking. It was pretty funny actually.

Today: 9936 steps? 4.09 miles
AT: 616.98
YTD: 714.08


neils said...

long day with way to much excercise. Seems that the log walk on Tuesday, which was mostly on concrete has really given me a sore back, but still pladding along.

Golf 2 miles, stationary bike at noon 7.38. Now that David is gone had to mow the lawn, took 90 minutes so I'd say 3 miles. then 1.5 mile walk with Bonnie in the evening.

Total: 13.5
AT: 973.5

Bonnie said...

Had a sinus headache all day and didn't do much. Even the evening walk was an effort -- it's hard to breathe when your head feels like solid rock.

August: 53.5
AT: 378.6
Year: 422.8