Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Day 156, Monday 4 August

Well this was definitly a recovery day. Rode the stationary bike real easy for 5 miles and 1 mile walk (crawl?) in the evening with Bonnie. Knee feels better but I think easy biking again today.

Total: 6
AT: 871.5


Bonnie said...

I'm not too sore, except for my left ankle -- this is the one I sprained slightly on the Mt. Osceola hike a couple of weeks back. It had seemed to be mostly better, but it did not appreciate all those steep rock steps Saturday.

Still, it was a mile in the evening and half a mile of errands.

August: 11
AT: 336.1
Year: 380.3

Valerie Comer said...

Hey look, Valerie's still alive. I'm not sure when I last posted--about a week? Did pretty well last week with lots of puppy walks. Camping on the weekend (four days) and seem to have done something to my hip. Don't know what but it is killing me. Sometimes it's fine and then all of a sudden it's like my leg won't hold me up--won't even swing forward. Anyway, trying to keep moving--puppy is making sure I am. So my miles aren't going up as fast as I'd like.

Currently I'm at:
AT: 546.2
YTDL 643.3