Thursday, August 21, 2008

Day 173, Wednesday August 22

Well we made it back, after 1,200 miles of driving, David is at college and we are back at home. All in all a very successful trip, after droping David off we spent 2 days in the Berkshires at a bed and breakfast. Most exciting moment was on Monday night at Tanglewood, we were watching concert from the lawn when a thunder storm came up. Wonderful light show till it got close enough that we all had to run for cover. Here is a mileage summary to catch up:

Friday: golf 2, station bike 7.33, walk 1.5; total 11 (added .25 from pervious day walk)
Saturday: spent day driving, short walk in the evening .5
Sunday: rode stationary bike in hotel, no actual mileage, but with walking around campus around 10
Monday: Lots of driving, we did some walking .5
Tuesday: Lots of walking, went to a few of the restored manson, walked 6.5
Wednesday: Discovered a very nice park across from the bed and and breakfast we were staying at, walked 4.5

Total: 33
AT: 955

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Bonnie said...

Friday probably about 2 including errands and evening walk

Saturday probably about 1 mile -- we walked around the rest area when we stopped for lunch, and around the hotel when we got to Pittsburgh.

Sunday was unloading, carrying stuff to David's room, walking around campus, etc. I'd guess 1.5 for me.

Monday, 6.5 and Tuesday, 4.5.

So 15.5 total since I last checked in.

August: 49.9
AT: 375.0
Year: 419.2