Saturday, August 9, 2008

Day 160, Friday 8 August

So I was reading an article in New England Runner on aging and running, my favorite quote so far is "vanity and denial were my friends".

Played golf 2 miles, at noon went for a 2 mile walk (stoped in the gym half way through to life weights), and then a 1.5 mile walk with Bonnie in the evening. There is a women in our neighborhood who runs in the evening with her dogs. She used to have 2, but one died recently, last night she had a new puppy running with her, really cute dog, stoped by to say high to us.

Total: 5.5
AT: 892.5

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Valerie Comer said...

Yay for cute puppies. I'm impressed she's getting hers to run with her! Mine still seems to have a mind of his own :P But he's walking with me every day, the long walk (1.85 miles) in the morning, and a shorter one with hubby also in the evening (maybe a mile-ish most days).

Friday: 9004 steps/ 3.7 miles
AT: 562.65
YTD: 659.75