Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Day 185, Monday, September 1

Still tired and sore from moving the kids Saturday. You'd think someone who walked an average of 3.5 miles per day would be in better shape than I am.

I walked Brody Sunday morning. Later in the day Jim and I drove to Sandpoint (Idaho) for our anniversary dinner (28 years on Saturday, but we were busy!) After dinner we walked around the lakefront park. It had poured rain while we were having dinner and there was a gorgeous double rainbow hanging over the lake--we could see the cottages on the other side THROUGH the rainbow. Very nice! Total miles for the day: 2.88

Today we walked Brody together in the morning, also one of Jim's mom's little dogs, who went crazy at the cows down along the next property so we came back early. Brody is used to the cows and listens well, but he's had more experience! :D

Late this afternoon we went for a walk again, the three of us, and when we got to the end of our road we just kept going across the neighbor's field to the river. Definitely the longest walk Brody's been on yet (almost four miles total). Day total: 5 miles.

AT: 657.4
YTD: 754.5


neils said...

I agre with Val, with all this walking you'd think doing chores and stuff wouldn't wear you out so much, any way.

Saturday, ran 3 miles, first run in a week, so probably explains being tired. 1.5 mile walk in the evening.

Total: 4.5

Sunday, Bonnie and I went to the Deutsche Bank golf tournament. I walked the back 9 with 2 different groups. Was interesting to watch. Estimate total mileage at 4.5. Then went for a short evening walk 1 mile.

Total: 5.5

Monday, Bonnie and I walked around the pond 2.5 miles, and did an afternoon run 3 miles.

Total: 5.5

All in all was a beautiful weekend weather wise. I'd like it if my back would get better faster but its probable getting better, just lots of sore muscles and not a lot of youth :)

Total: 15.5
AT: 972

EJ said...

Hauling boxes and walking use completely different muscles, Val. The only exercise that prepared me for moving was upper body weights, which you probably don't want to mess with!

I did 2 miles and lost 55 lbs. ;) The guys hauled a load to Goodwill for me.

Bonnie said...

Monday: 2.5 miles around the pond with Neil.

NOW I'm over 400 *g*

September: 2.5
AT: 400.5
Year: 444.7

Jean said...

I did 7485 steps for 4.01 miles.

Our neighbor trimmed most of our trees this weekend, and I trimmed a little bit on two more. That meant cutting up branches for the two I trimmed and hauling the usable wood from the three our neighbor trimmed.

AT miles: 590.32

YTD miles: 688.15

It appears I'll be on the road more than home for the rest of the year, but I'll still track my steps and report in periodically.

We leave Central TX on Friday, spend the next week in SA, go to Dallas for the next weekend, spend the next week and a half in San Antonio, then, on the 24th, we begin our 3 week plus trek to Pennsylvania for Carlisle and Hershey antique car swap meets and hubby's Lanternvention. When we get back in late October, I'm preparing to spend up to two months with my folks while my dad has double knee replacement and recovery. That should take up the rest of the year. Unbelievable.

Somebody warned me to be careful with my time after I retired, and I almost didn't believe them when they warned me how busy I would become.

Bonnie said...

Thanks for the warning, Jean :D