Friday, September 12, 2008

Day 196, Friday September 12

I tried walking a little later this morning with Brody in order to catch more sunshine on our road, but then there was more traffic. Last week the highways department spent four days working on our road, adding a lot of dirt and gravel and packing it down. It is now extremely dusty (but not full of pot-holes--yay!) My MIL phoned to see what they were going to do about it! And they'll be spray-sealing it in a few weeks. Meanwhile, every vehicle that goes by raised a huge cloud of dust. Lots of fun for walking.

Spent the afternoon getting groceries and cleaning the house, and then it got really windy. Brody needs walks anyway. Jim decided we'd walk down the neighbor's fenceline in the fields instead of along the (dusty) road, so that was something new and a bit of an adventure. Brody loved it. He loves everything, lol.

Today: 11574 steps/ 4.76 miles
AT: 700.68 (only 1468 to go, lol)
YTD: 797.78

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neils said...

Played golf in the morning 2 miles. Had too many meetings so didn't manage to do anything over lunch time. Rained in the evening, but stoped long enough that Bonnie and I managed a 1.5 mile walk.

Total: 3.5
AT: 1,030