Thursday, September 4, 2008

Day 188, Thursday, September 4

Wow. Where did these steps come from today? 13072 steps for 7.01 miles. I worked around the house and the yard today at racked up that many steps without noticing? Maybe my pedometer is broken?

Oh, well. Replaced the two top steps to the front porch -- they were rotten, and we didn't want the mailman to get injured. Before replacing them, I painted them. I'll put another coat on tomorrow. We hauled a trailer load of stuff to our new storage property -- including some lawn furniture we're not using here at the moment, so we now have a comfy place to sit while we're working at the storage building (a three bay garage with two offices). We got another two dump truck loads of gravel delivered today, but we're going to be out of town for nearly two months before we'll be able to spread it on the driveway. Looking forward to that, but, seriously, that's what hubby does for exercise.

AT miles: 603.65

YTD miles: 701.48

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Valerie Comer said...

Tuesday was a low-ish step day, due to the discovery of bear scat down at the end of the road. This cuts Brody's and my morning walk down to about 2/3, as we are not to keen to meet the producer of the scat. There's a large corn field along the road there, and the scat was full of kernels, so we're turning around before the field. And because I couldn't get a noon walk in, just the evening one, netted the day at 2.57 miles.

Wednesday and Thursday I managed three walks each: morning with Brody, noon hour in town, evening with Jim and Brody. Wednesday: 4.69 miles, Thursday 5.04.

AT: 669.71
YTD: 766.81