Sunday, September 7, 2008

Day 191 Sunday September 7

Kind of over-did the canning Saturday and I'm sore all over from that. Got 2.84 miles for the day which isn't a lot, I suppose, but I was on my feet for hours.

Sunday afternoon we took Brody on his first geocache hike. (Jim has the report on his blog), and I'm not doing so great here. Think we're going out for a short walk here in a minute--thought I was reporting the whole day's steps and then Jim says, time to walk Brody. What, again????? Sigh. I'll report back in.

Okay, puppy walk is over. Today's miles: 4.31, most of them pretty slow.

AT: 682.17
YTD: 779.27


Bonnie said...

Sounds like you were busy this weekend. Hugs and I hope your back isn't too sore today.

1 mile Thursday. I think. I'm not sure what all I did besides mow part of the lawn and run around doing some last-minute errands.

2.6 miles to the hut Friday

2.6 + 1.2 side trip on the way down, plus a mile around the town of Whitefield. It was raining but not hard and the innkeeper loaned me an umbrella. So 4.8 total.

Sunday, about a mile.

Which I think adds up to 9.4 miles since I last posted.

September: 13.9
AT: 411.9
Year: 466.1

neils said...

Lots of catching up to do.

Thursday played golf 2 miles, then 2 mile walk at noon.

Total: 4

Friday start of hiking trip, walked 2.6 to hut with Bonnie, then did another 2.6 round trip up Mt Jackson with the kids. Added another 4,000 ft'er.

Total 5.2

Saturday walked to Mount Washington and back to the hut. Total of 7.8. Was a mostly beautiful day, but ended up in the rain.

total 7.8

Sunday, it rained till 3:30 in the morning, then the wind started. Was blowing at 40 mph when we got up with light rain and visibility of 100 feet. So we decided to head down the steep and quick way. Did a lot of sliding, but no one got hurt. 2.4 miles and Bonnie meet us at the bottom.

Total: 2.4

All tired, but no one injured and we all had a good time.

Total: 19.4
AT: 1,000.4

Well managed to break a thousand and almost out of Virgina.