Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Day 216, Tuesday September 30

Rode the stationary bike, to stay off the legs a little 5.25 miles. Walked in the evening, in the rain might add 1.5 (with Bonnie).

Total: 6.75
AT: 1,125.75


Valerie Comer said...

Let's see, Monday for 3.47 miles and Tuesday for 3.77.

And there will be no sleep in Comer-ville tonight, thanks to bellowing cows and calves. Babies are off to market tomorrow.

AT: 773.56
YTD: 870.66

Bonnie said...

Oh dear, poor Val.

I went for a walk with Neil for 1.6, plus another .2 or so with groceries and pacing around the house. That gives me a bit over 63 for the month, not as much as I expected or hoped but last weekend's bug really knocked me for a loop.

September: 63.2
AT: 471.2
Year: 515.4

neils said...
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