Sunday, September 14, 2008

Day 198 Sunday September 14

Today Brody got his morning walk--and so did I! In the afternoon Jim and I and Brody went geocaching, and Brody had his first swim in the lake. Jim's going to post up photos, but he hasn't yet. And after supper we took pup out again on our road. All that helped my steps to add up to 3.69 miles.

It was a sunny summery day and nice to get outside.

AT: 707.61
YTD: 804.71


neils said...

Saturday was a soccer refereeing day, did the middle for boys u14 and then ran the line for the second boys game. Hard to say exactly, but was out there for 2.5 hours, I estimate 4.5 miles. Walked in the evening with Bonnie 1.5.

Sunday Bonnie and I walked around the pond 2.5, and then went running in the afternoon 3.

Total: 11.5
AT: 1,041.5

Jean said...

Did more driving than walking today. 3479 steps and 1.86 miles.

AT miles: 638.45

YTD: 736.28

Bonnie said...

Around the pond for 2.5, plus there was an extra half mile I forgot to count yesterday (walking around a farm in NH where I had lunch with some friends).

September: 30.6
AT: 428.6
Year: 482.8