Monday, August 10, 2009

Day 530, Sunday August 9

Back from a weekend of camping--hiking, swimming, lots of sunshine and boating. And ALMOST made it to the end of the AT!!!

AT: 2173.5
YTD: 1032.7


neils said...

Friday played golf in the morning 3 miles, then road the stationary bike in the gym for 30 minutes at noon for 5.5 miles. Finally a 1.5 mile walk with Bonnie.

total: 10

Saturday, Bonnie and David went down to CT to have lunch with Kat and do some shoping so went to the pound and ran 2 laps for 5 miles. Walked 1.5 in the evening with Bonnie.

Total: 6.5

Sunday played golf with Bonnie 14 hole course so walked 4.5 miles. Tired so evening walk with Bonnie 1 mile.

Total: 5.5

Grand total: 22
AT: 1,700.5

Val, you know what they say about she view if you aren't the lead dog :)

Bonnie said...

I got 6.3 miles yesterday, golf and walk. I plugged some numbers into the spreadsheet and determined that at the present pace, I'll finish in 291 days. That's around next May, I think. I need to take steps to cut that number down -- exercise bike, here I come.

August: 27.2
year: 577.7
AT: 1292.7