Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Day 545, Monday August 24

I've been wearing a hoodie for the morning walk as the sun isn't quite over the mountain when I head out at 7. This morning I decided long pants might soon be in order, as well. What's next? Shoes instead of sandals? lol

Post AT: 76.64
YTD: 1110.84


neils said...

Still hot here, was 66 on the ride into work. Summer will end sometime soon, the sun rise is now after 6:00.

Ran 3.5 at noon (first run in almost a week) and walked 1.5 in the evening with Bonnie.

Total: 5
AT: 1,632.5

Bonnie said...

3.2 miles getting groceries and stuff like that, then walking in the evening with Neil.

August: 81.0
year: 633.5
AT: 1346.5