Saturday, July 4, 2009

Day 493, Friday July 3

Tuesday played golf in the morning 3 miles. We drove up to Lincoln NH in the evening and had about a 1 mile walk.

Total 4

Wednesday the hike to Owl's Head was canceled because of bad weather, so Bonnie and I did the tour of water falls. We hiked into a bunch of walls and cascades in the rain, about 3 miles. Then went for a 4 mile run in the afternoon as the rain finally let up.

Total 7

Thursday, woke up to a nice looking morning, but the radar showed a big storm heading our way. It poured most of the day. Did a pilates class in the morning, then did a 5 mile train run in the evening. It was raining, but let up some. After dinner Bonnie and I did a 2 mile walk.

Total 7

Thursday, the rain finally broke, so drove up to Crawford Notch and I did a 7 mile hike. Took in Field, Tom, and Avalon, cleared enough that had nice views from the last summit. Back home we did our usual 1.5 mile walk in the evening.

Total: 8.5

Grand total: 26.5
AT: 1,897

We are off to Tanglewood tomorrow, so probably won't be posting till Thursday. As we heard one through hiker say to another, "Happy Hiking!"

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Bonnie said...

13.8 miles since Tuesday -- feeling a lot better, walking a lot more, though I still tire easily and whine a lot.

Target this month: around 90 miles, hopefully. 100 would be nice.

July: 11.9
June: 80.8
year: 461.7
AT: 1180.7