Saturday, July 25, 2009

Day 514, Friday July 24

Wow, I keep forgetting to check in here, though I am logging my miles. If we weren't running Brody evenings via bicycle, my mileage would be a lot less. It's so hot for walking--we wait until the sun is over the mountain to bike him, and then we're going fast enough to keep ahead of the mosquitoes. What a plan. :P

Yesterday and today we've had thunderstorms in the late afternoon, and today's miles are all walking. Go me! (5.52 today, the most of any day this week.) Had a good breeze and the cooler air feels good. Our bales are sitting out in the field and need to dry out before they can be stacked.

I'll break 2100 miles tomorrow!!!

AT: 2098.71
YTD: 957.91

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Margaret said...

Congrats on breaking 2100, and thanks for the hilarious image of you cycling with hordes of mosquitos on your trail :).

Steps: 5169
PED Miles: 2.2
Non-PED Miles: 0
Total Miles: 2.2
YTD Total: 481.88
AT Total: 1370.98
Virtual Walk Total: 1432.64

Argh. Went to concert instead of walk. Walked a bit downtown. Was supposed to finish up here. Didn't.