Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day 511, Tuesday July 21

Rain, rain, rain. Well the radar showed lots of rain, but it only drizzed while I was in the gym. Rode the bike 10 minutes 2 miles, then the elliptical freed up so did that for 20 minutes another 2 miles. Bonnie wanted to do the bike in the evening so only did Pilates.

Forecast says might have a day or two without rain, not sure what that would be like :)

Total: 4
AT: 1,803

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Bonnie said...

2.8 miles, most of it on the exercise bike. I'm not quite as weak as a newborn kitten -- maybe a three-month-old kitten :P

We had a weekend without rain, remember? The sun even came out.

July: 63.9
year: 518.3
AT: 1233.3