Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day 503, Monday July 13

If I complain about the heat will it cool down here too? Not that hot actually, but hot enough. And glad it isn't chilly.

Steps: 8521
PED Miles: 3.62
Total Miles: 3.62
YTD Total: 452.61
AT Total: 1341.71
Virtual Walk Total: 1403.37

Laundry day with extra loads plus a long walk and some rebounding tossed in. Saw killdeer babies with fluff still on them.


neils said...

Saturday: walked around the pond with Bonnie 2.5 miles, ran 3 miles in the afternoon.

Total: 5.5

Sunday: played golf, 3 miles, we drove up to NH for a big hike on Monday, took a short walk with Bonnie 1.5 miles.

Total: 4.5

Monday: Hiked Mt. Washington with Kat ahd David, went up Edmonds Path and down Jewell Trail. Beautiful views and a few violent storms, we just missed getting hailed on. All very store, Bonnie drove home.

Total 11 miles

Grand total: 21
AT: 1,841

Bonnie said...

I think he means "sore," not "store" :D

I wasn't up to climbing the mountain, so I took the Cog Railway to the top. I was going to meet the troops for lunch. But it stormed while I was there -- I got sleeted on! -- so Neil and the kids waited it out at a shelter about a mile down the mountain. 3.6 miles.

Sunday night was a short walk near the lodge, 3.1 miles. 6.7 total.

July: 40.3
year: 494.6
AT: 1209.6