Thursday, July 9, 2009

Day 498, Wednesday July 8

Steps: 7614
PED Miles: 3.24
Total Miles: 3.24
YTD Total: 438.73
AT Total: 1327.83
Virtual Walk Total: 1389.49

Did a bit of rebounding and went on a long walk with my hubby. Spring is in the air…though it's summer. A lot of babies of various types among the birds.

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neils said...

Saturday: hard to remember that far back, but I believe I ran 3 miles and walked 1.5 in the evening.

Total: 4.5

Sunday: Played golf 3 miles. Drove to Lenox and walked in the evening with Bonnie. About 1 mile.

Total: 4

Monday: Hiked to Bash Bish falls 1 mile, then most of the way to Alandar mountain 5.5.

Total: 6.5

Tuesday: Spent a lot of time at the Clark Museum, really nice gallary. Ran 5.5 in the evening and then walked 1 mile with Bonnie.

Total: 6.5

Wednesday: Wondered around town for a while 1 mile, then drove home. It rained, but cleared enough to go running 3 miles.

Total: 4

Grand Total: 25.5
AT: 1,872.5