Monday, July 20, 2009

Day 509, Sunday July 19

Saturday, lots of rain over night, but it stoped and we just had a lot of humidity. Walked around the pond with Bonnie for 2.5 miles. Then a 3 mile run in the afternoon.

Total: 5.5

Sunday, played golf in the morning 3 miles, then walked around the pond with Bonnie for 2.5.

Total: 5.5

We went to the Revolution soccer game in the evening and I think Bonnie estimates 3 more mile walking there, but I'll let her post that.

Total: 11
AT: 1,812

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Bonnie said...

10.8 total

Friday: 1.7 miles

Saturday: 3.6 miles, including the first walk around the pond in a long time

Sunday: 5.5 miles, around the pond and around Gillette Stadium for the soccer game. The pedometer said around three miles at the soccer game. Those trips through parking lots, up and down stairs, and around shopping concourses all add up.

July: 57.8
year: 512.1
AT: 1227.1