Monday, April 13, 2009

Day 411, Sunday April 12

A cool and wet day, high only about 40 with rain on and off. Walked 1.5 with Bonnie in the morning. Road the stationary bike an easy 5 miles in the afternoon 1 mile walk to the symphony and back.

total: 7.5

Sunday was cool and windy, but sunny. Did 1.5 hour of yard work. Estimate 2 miles pushing the spreader. Ran 3 miles afterwards Finally a 1.5 mile walk with Bonnie in the evening.

Total: 6

AT: 1,999


Bonnie said...

I cleaned the garage (part of it anyway) while Neil did the lawn. Not so many steps that way, sigh. 2.6 for the day.

April: 25.8
year: 227.1
AT: 943.1

Valerie Comer said...

Busy around here this weekend. Saturday: 4.86 miles. Sunday: 2.86 miles.

AT: 1580.56
YTD: 439.76