Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Day 399, Tuesday March 31

Snowing again this morning, but not sticking, thankfully. Puppy walk before and after work, as well as a noon hour walk for me. Total today: 5.29 miles.

AT: 1524.66
YTD: 383.86


Margaret said...

Steps: 6745
PED Miles: 2.79
Non-PED Miles: 0
Total Miles: 2.79
YTD Total: 204.37
AT Total: 1093.47
Virtual Walk Total: 1155.13

Had to jog my way through most of NCIS on my bouncer to get my count. Colin wasn't feeling well so we didn't walk today. I got both good mileage and bad on my trip. 4 miles or more on the walking days, less than 2 on the bus days :).

neils said...

The meetings won today, only managed a 1.5 mile walk in the evening with Bonnie. Beautiful clear evening, about 50, but cool breeze.

Total: 1.5
AT: 1,947

Bonnie said...

Wow, a 5-mile day to end the month and I didn't even collapse! Maybe I really am better. And I'm over 200 miles on the year. WoooooHOOOOOO!!!!

March: 51.5
and year: 201.4
AT: 918.4