Saturday, April 25, 2009

Day 424, Saturday 25 April

Hot day, and I mean really hot, as in not quite 90F. Far too hot for April, but the forsythia are blooming now, and the birches in the back yard are showing buds.

I walked 2.3 miles, a good part of it behind the lawn mower. No photos of me mowing the lawn, unfortunately.

April: 54.5
year: 256.2
AT: 972.2


Margaret said...

You're so lucky, though you probably wouldn't agree. It snowed on our mountains and is chilly again :p.

Steps: 4832
PED Miles: 2
Non-PED Miles: 0
Total Miles: 2
YTD Total: 258.81
AT Total: 1147.91
Virtual Walk Total: 1209.57

Umm, not as much as I'd planned. Instead of an evening walk, I went out to eat with my hubby. And then it was too cold.

Valerie Comer said...

Wow, that is toasty for April, Bonnie. We saw snow today but not, thankfully, at home.

I got up at FIVE to walk the pup so we could get to Cranbrook by 9 their time for Jim to attend a beekeeping course. I spent the day with my niece, teaching her to use her pressure canner...and hanging out with the baby. And it snowed over there. :( Walked the pup again when I got home. 4.71 for the day.

AT: 1637.85
YTD: 497.05

Jean said...

90F is too hot no matter where you are.

We had reasonably comfortable weather for walking the swap meet on Friday and Saturday. Miles have been steady for the last couple of weeks.

5676 steps for 3.04 miles

YTD miles: 303.46
AT miles: 1183.32

My goal while I'm in Wisconsin is to make sure I get out for a walk once a day. Last time I was up there, I did too much sitting around. And it's different up there than here. Up there, it's really sitting around. Down here, there's always something to get me up and moving, even when I'm sitting around.