Sunday, February 1, 2009

Day 341, Sunday February 1st

Both days this weekend Brody and I have been to the far end of the road and back morning and evening. Yesterday I also got Jim to drop me off at the neighbors as I needed to discuss flooring with them for their new house, and then walked home so I got a bit more. We've been busy tiling our kitchen peninsula countertop this weekend--finished and beautiful. Now next project :)

Saturday: 5.23 miles
Sunday: 4.75 miles
AT: 1261.63
YTD: 120.83


Margaret said...

Steps: 6708
PED Miles: 2.78
Non-PED Miles: 0
Total Miles: 2.78
YTD Total: 77.08
AT Total: 966.18
Virtual Walk Total: 1027.84

Finally made it over my minimum for the first time in 12 days! Guess I'm starting to get things in order. Just one walk, but also some errands.

neils said...

Saturday was sunny but cold and windy, so went show shoeing in the land behind the house, about 1 hour, guess 2.5 miles. Then a 1 mile walk with Bonnie in the evening.

Sunday went skiing, was supposed to be warmer, but was very cold in the morning, but no wind. 2 short runs, 4 medium runs and 6 long runs. By complex formula charge that to 8.5 miles.

Than sat like a lump and watched superbowl

Total: 12
AT: 1,669.5

Jean said...

I need to write down my pedometer step length calibration somewhere, because I don't seem to remember it when the battery dies between six to twelve months. Thankfully, Mar has it built into the spreadsheet this year (Yay, Margaret!). Naturally, it died on a day we went to town and were doing a lot of walking around, but I guestimated from previous similar days.

Yesterday, I trimmed bushes and spread weedkiller/fertilizer on the yard. I also sifted a box of papers in the office. Here's where I think I am:

4705 steps for 2.52 miles

AT miles: 955.34
YTD miles: 75.48
Virtual Walk Totalt: 1053.16

Bonnie said...

Friday and Saturday: 2.6 miles total.

Sunday: skiing, Neil calculated my mileage at 5 miles, plus another mile walking. That gets the new month off to a good start.

February: 6
January: 72.2
and year: 78.2
AT: 795.2