Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Day 344, Wednesday February 4

My days are pretty repetitive. Is that why no one wants to take point here on the blog and keep doing it day after day, week after week? Get up, walk the dog. Walk a bit at noon (today I walked to the library), walk the dog after work. Sum total today, 4.54 miles. Yawn.

AT: 1273.45
YTD: 132.65

Looks like I'm just past Delaware Water Gap, Pennsylvania, and my next log-in point appears to be in New Jersey. Progress, apparently! Even if it all seems hum-ho every day. Or is that ho-hum?


Jean said...

I've gotten a couple of good days in over the last few days.

Today: 4802 steps for 2.57 miles

AT miles: 966.91

YTD miles: 87.05

What's been going on? Not much. Moved a dead tree off the road at the ranch this week, which enabled us to get up to the house site. While there, we downed the utility trailer, hitched the car trailer to the truck, loaded the empty utility trailer and the cement mixer onto the truck. We hauled the 7kw generator and 10 hp shredder out of the shed and up to the truck. Then we were able to pump up the tires on both "appliances." We loaded them onto the trailer. We added a few other sundry items to the trailer, then piled on the extra leaves to pour into the ruts on our way out.

Once we got home, the process reversed. That same day, we unloaded the generator and shredder and stored them in the garage. Today, we unloaded the cement mixer and trailer. I used my portable air compressor (forgot to take it with us) to pump up the tires on the cement mixer, making it much easier to off-load it from the trailer. The car trailer also had a low tire, so I pumped it up.

After the dentist this morning, that was enough for today, so hubby and I went to bingo at the VFW tonight. It was kind of fun. We might decide to do it once or twice a month if we don't have other stuff going on.

I have at least 14 more trees to trim. I'm looking forward to having that shredder to deal with the waste that must be bagged before the local trash haulers will take it away.

Margaret said...

Wow, Jean, busy day. And your normal is pretty darn good, Val.

I'm going to try something on Blogger and see what happens.

Steps: 5840
PED Miles: 2.42
Non-PED Miles: 0
Total Miles: 2.42
YTD Total: 85.68
AT Total: 974.78
Virtual Walk Total: 1036.44

Sigh. Back under the minimum. Forgot Colin was working late, and then Sean had his play. But the play was interesting. Good in a very strange way.

neils said...

Val, you are just getting into your grove. Miles are what we do.

Tuesday was a 0 day, lots of meetings, snow showers and we left at 3:00 for a snow shoeing trip.

Wednesday snow shoed up Mt Cardagin 4 miles round trip, about 1,800 feet of elevation. Beautiful day with bright blue skys and temps that get into the middle teens. Windy at the top, but was a short stretch so I didn't put full winter gear on and got some very minor frost nip on my nose. No real damage.

Total: 4
AT: 1,678.5

Bonnie said...

Lovely progress, Val. Wish I could get my routine to match yours.

I forgot to take my pedometer to the mountains -- took it off when I showered Tuesday and forgot to grab it again -- so I have only a rough idea how much I walked the last two days. I didn't summit Mt. Cardigan with the rest of the crew; instead, I went by myself on a shorter loop, about a mile and a half through woods and along a very pretty stream. I'll try to post pictures later.

I'm going to guess 4 miles for the two days, but that might be a little high. But it does put me over 800 miles on the trail!

February: 11.8
and year: 84.0
AT: 801.0

Valerie Comer said...

Thanks for the encouragement, guys. I think it's partly the winter doldrums and the fact that it is cold and foggy every single day. And I still think 3.5-4 miles a day, on average, should knock a pound off my body here and there. Maybe a lock on the cupboards would help more.