Sunday, February 8, 2009

Day 348, Sunday February 8

Here's hoping for good weather.


Valerie Comer said...

'Twas great weather here, sunny and above freezing. Brody and I went for our morning walk (almost 2 miles) and in the afternoon we three filled in a section of the railway tracks by Duck Lake that we hadn't gotten to last fall. Poor pup is flopped exhausted in his crate. Me, I'm just tired! Today: 5.67 miles

AT: 1291.32
YTD: 150.52

neils said...

Above freezing here also this weekend, close to 50 on Sunday.

Both days Bonnie and I walked around the pond 2.5, and I went for a run 3 miles. So each day was a total of 5.5.

Saw a fox on the drive into work this morning, seemed to also be enjoying the nice weather.

Total: 11
AT: 1,697.5

Margaret said...

Good work you guys :). For me, it was beautiful and home. I was up in the mountains having a ball :).

Steps: 4706
PED Miles: 1.95
Non-PED Miles: 6
Total Miles: 7.95
YTD Total: 97.89
AT Total: 986.99
Virtual Walk Total: 1048.65

Went snowshoeing for my first time. Great fun. Colin wore out in the first hour, but I snagged Jacob and a friend and we went for another 1.5 hours. I've fudged the time because my pedometer did not record the distance well (we climbed to the summit of a small mountain) and I had walked some before then but I don't know how much. So I cut a half hour off the time, figuring they'll sort of even out.

Bonnie said...

We walked around the pond 2.5 miles -- more strenuous than usual because of the wet slippery snow. Thank goodness for ice grips. Plus an extra mile of housework and other such stuff. 3.5 total.

February: 21.8
and year: 94
AT: 811