Friday, February 6, 2009

Day 346, Friday February 06

Day 346, Friday February 06

How'd we do on the trail?


Bonnie said...

I'm inclined to vote for the lock on the cupboards, Val...

I have three miles since last report. I need to get out more, but it's cold and it's slick and whine whine whine is it spring yet?

February: 14.8
and year: 87.0
AT: 804.0

Valerie Comer said...

You may lock my cupboards just as soon as I get my snacks arrayed on my countertop. Give me a minute!

Today I tried something *new*. It's getting light early enough that I tried flipping my schedule back to walking Brody as soon as I got up (also got up a smidge earlier; listening to the news on the radio just is NOT a pile of fun these days...) instead of my winter schedule of walking him just before I leave for work. After I start the car up to thaw. So he got a longer walk this morning. And a decent afternoon one also. But with little in the way of extras, I'm below 4 miles at 3.67.

AT: 1281.97
YTD: 141.17

Margaret said...

I'm with Bonnie on the cold and miserable. Sounds like a reasonable schedule thing.

So no comments on the "pre-posting?" Should I do a huge set? You go to post options and tell it when to show up.

Steps: 1903
PED Miles: 0.79
Non-PED Miles: 0
Total Miles: 0.79
YTD Total: 88.9
AT Total: 978
Virtual Walk Total: 1039.66

Miserable cold weather and kids using the TV with the WII attached. I could have done something, but I just didn't!

neils said...

No comment on preposting.

Fairly normal day, ran 3.5 at noon and walked 1.5 in the evening with Bonnie.

Total: 5
AT: 1,686.5