Saturday, February 21, 2009

Day 361, Saturday, February 21

So very cold first thing in the morning, -15C. Nearly froze my nose. Hubby worked this morning, we went out to buy organic cheese this afternoon, then took the pup for a walk elsewhere. Very muddy so short. I took him longer once we got home because we didn't have enough steps yet. Total today: 5.13

AT: 1350.15
YTD: 209.35


Margaret said...

Steps: 1643
PED Miles: 0.68
Non-PED Miles: 0
Total Miles: 0.68
YTD Total: 115.24
AT Total: 1004.34
Virtual Walk Total: 1066

Well, I got more walking in than yesterday…went to see my son's performance. Sadly couldn't stay for the whole festival, but the part I saw was wonderful.

neils said...

Friday was a busy day, but managed to make it to the gym, the elyptical trainer was occupied so I rode the stationary bike. New ones so the mileage is entirely different. Want 5.75 miles. With running between buildings around to 6. Walked 1.5 in the evening:

Friday Total: 7.5

Saturday Bonnie and I went skiing, they had 18 inches of snow at the mountains. It was windy and not as nice as we hoped, but still a very nice day.

Saturday Total: 8.5

Total: 16

AT: 1,765.5

Bonnie said...

Would have sworn that I updated Friday, but apparently not. Between skiing and walking, I had 9 miles the two days.

February: 60.5
and year: 132.3
AT: 850.3