Thursday, February 12, 2009

Day 352, Thursday February 12

Walked Brody before work, got a lunchtime walk in, and a shortish after-work walk with Jim and the pup. It's cold, the sun isn't shining, and I want to go visit Jean in Texas. Right this minute. Even being in Mashipacong Shelter in New Jersey isn't making up for it. Even if the picture shows summer. I know better.

Today: 4.81 miles.

AT: 1309.32
YTD: 168.52


Margaret said...

Hugs on the weather. We've got snow on the valley floor, but at least it let the sun in. I can only enjoy it from the other side of a window, but...

Steps: 2321
PED Miles: 0.96
Non-PED Miles: 0
Total Miles: 0.96
YTD Total: 101.01
AT Total: 990.11
Virtual Walk Total: 1051.77

Feeling a little better and had necessary errands to run. Slight improvement on the mileage.

Bonnie said...

Hope you continue to feel better, Mar. Hugs on the cabin fever, Val.

I got 2.2. The pedometer recorded close to the right mileage today, so that's good. Should be lots of walking this weekend at Boskone.

February: 30.6
and year: 102.8
AT: 819.8

Jean said...

Here's a more accurate picture for totals:

4534 steps for 2.43 miles on Thursday

AT miles: 983.3

YTD miles: 103.44

It's supposed to rain here on Saturday. Does that make any of y'all feel better?

As for today....sunny, pleasant, beautiful weather...(ducking and running for cover) You'll taunt me in July when I'm dying in the heat. This is my favorite time of year in Texas, and it disappears quickly. You're jealous now, but you have it much better the rest of the year.