Sunday, March 8, 2009

Day 375, Saturday, March 7

It snowed on and off all day today. Bitter cold walk this morning. This afternoon we caught a brief window of sunshine in between squalls. 4.52 miles total.

AT: 1415.89
YTD: 275.09


Jean said...

Very productive day. I got the lawn weed 'n feeded, the crepe myrtles into what will most likely be final trim for this year, and did what should be the final trim on our front "island" of foliage for this year.

Late this afternoon, my neighbor tapped on the door and invited me on a bike ride with her and her daughter. All this combined for 2.5 miles on the bike and 9690 steps for 5.19 miles.

I don't have my totals handy, but I figured I'd check in anyway.

Margaret said...

Hugs on the cold, Val and nice to have such neighbors Jean :D.

Steps: 6189
PED Miles: 2.56
Non-PED Miles: 0
Total Miles: 2.56
YTD Total: 145.46
AT Total: 1034.56
Virtual Walk Total: 1096.22

One walk and one outing. Saw what Colin things is a Cooper's Hawk, bringing the type of hawks in our little wilderness up to 4? 5? And that's ignoring the eagles and the peregrines :).