Saturday, March 14, 2009

Day 381, Friday March 13

Sorry folks. I used up my creativity on yesterday's post ;). But it was a beautiful 65 degrees today at least.

Steps: 6534
PED Miles: 2.71
Non-PED Miles: 0
Total Miles: 2.71
YTD Total: 159.99
AT Total: 1049.09
Virtual Walk Total: 1110.75

Bouncing in the morning and afternoon then a shorter than normal walk with nothing much to see.


neils said...

The predict us to reach the mid 50's today, so my hope is up. Yesterday was really hectic, but I did manage a 3 mile run at noon. Had to go to my 1:00 meeting in my running tights :)

Walked 1.5 in the evening.

Total: 4.5
AT: 1,866

Valerie Comer said...

The pup got a short morning walk being as I noticed a fence post was down and needed a jury rig to last till Jim could get home and deal with it. So he was home when I got home at noon and we spent the afternoon in Sandpoint Idaho. Pup got a walk when we got home, but I didn't break 4 miles, just 3.23.

AT: 1441.55
YTD: 300.75