Saturday, March 28, 2009

Day 395, Friday March 27

The pup and I had our morning walk. After lunch I did some yard work while waiting for my friends Bonne and Viv to stop by. Once they arrived we took Brody for a long walk, intending to go out to the river but the field was partly under water. Brody went for a swim. He's still damp 7 hours later. Today: 6.18 miles.

AT: 1506.16
YTD: 365.36


neils said...

Walked 1.5 at noon, then played golf in the afternoon, temps were in the mid-60's really nice weather, even if it was poor golf, 2 miles. Walked 1.5 in the evening.

Total: 5
AT: 1,931.5

Bonnie said...

A mile today -- doing groceries, cooking, laundry, while trying to stop the ibuprofen left me feeling too tired and achy for the evening walk.

March: 39.7
and year: 189.6
AT: 906.6