Thursday, March 12, 2009

Day 379, Wednesday, March 11

We're still somewhere in the minus mumble-teens somewhere, but the sun shone today and the wind stayed tucked in it snug bed. (Too cold even for the wind? Mebbe.) At any rate, well bundled up, walking is doable in this nonsense. Got a reasonable morning walk and a good noon walk. And hubby decided to join me and the pup after work and was in the mood for the full 2 miles at that time. So I got (drumroll) 5.47 total.

AT: 1434.24
YTD: 293.44


Margaret said...

Yeah yeah, you tell me there's no minimum when I set 2.5, but you complain when you get less than 4. Today, however, you did great. Me, I chose the better part of valor and protected my lungs.

Steps: 5557
PED Miles: 2.3
Non-PED Miles: 0
Total Miles: 2.3
YTD Total: 154.56
AT Total: 1043.66
Virtual Walk Total: 1105.32

Waiting for hubby today because it's warmer in the evening and he wasn't up for a longer walk, but almost made the minimum.

neils said...

Well I wimped out on the weather, it wasn't cold, but it was raining, so I road the stationary bike. 6.8 rounded to 7 with the jog between buildings. Actually a really good workout considering the equipment.

Supposed to be sunny and in the 30's today, so should be running again.

Total: 7
AT: 1,857.5

Bonnie said...

It was raw, rainy, and unpleasant, and I'm still recovering from non-flu (trying to avoid the bronchitis part), so I spent most of the day taking it easy in front of a crackling fire. And then my pedometer fell off around noon, so it didn't record most of my mileage. I'll guess around a mile, since that's what I get on an average day around the house.

March: 12
and year: 161.9
AT: 879.9