Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Day 378, Tuesday March 10

Well. I'm back, still alive. I see that I haven't posted yet this month. Arrgghh.

I had 5 miles over the weekend, according to the pedometer. 3 miles today going to art class. Before that -- with two days flat in bed, I'm guessing maybe 3 miles for the five days, total. So 11 since I last posted; I hope I'm feeling well enough to start catching up on mileage now.

That's awfully cold where you are, Val. I hope it's not heading our way!

March: 11
and year: 160.9
AT: 878.9


Margaret said...

Hugs on being so sick, but it sounds like you're doing much better now, Bonnie :).

Steps: 8599
PED Miles: 3.56
Non-PED Miles: 0
Total Miles: 3.56
YTD Total: 152.26
AT Total: 1041.36
Virtual Walk Total: 1103.02

Got out for two walks today, one short and one long. Air so cold my chest hurt, but I got to see a harrier take something down…sadly too far to identify what it caught but maybe a fish.

neils said...

meetings from 8-2 and then had to go to the doctor to get my new orthodics, so only managed 1.5 mile walk in the evening, but I did do a lot of running around :)

Total: 1.5
AT: 1,850.5

Valerie Comer said...

Managed a few less steps Tuesday. Mar makes fun of me for saying I didn't get enough, but I didn't make 4 miles, only 3.9. The goal, clearly, is FOUR!! But it's nasty cold, so I'll blame it on that.

AT: 1428.77
YTD: 287.97