Thursday, March 26, 2009

Day 394, Thursday March 26

Full walk with the pup at 6:30 am--about 2 miles. He wasn't at his obedient best so spent quite awhile on the leash. At noon it was sunny, if still rather chilly, so I got a solid walk then. After work Jim and I and the pup walked the perimeter of our property, checking for fence damage from the elk (not as much as some years) and to see if there is much for water in the low spots. We saw several Rocky Mountain Bluebirds. Quite a splash of bright blue. Today: 5.83 miles.

AT: 1499.98 (should've gone a smidge further I see!)

YTD: 359.18


neils said...

You should hear my dog bark, I can confuse most dogs :)

Ran 3.5 in the afternoon, and then Bonnie and I beat the ran for 1.5 mile walk in the evening.

Saw a couple of turkeys in the parking lot all fluffed up. Very impressive when they do that.

Alexander Field said...

Valerie, you weren't joking, you really are walking the AT huh? Virtually though? Cool idea... : )

Bonnie said...

Feeling better -- did 1.8 on Wednesday and 2.4 on Thursday, which I think adds up to 4.2 miles. Hoping for a longer walk tomorrow before the rain gets here.

March: 38.7
and year: 188.6
AT: 905.6

Valerie Comer said...

Yep, Alex, we really are hiking the AT! We've been at it since March first 2008. Should be done sometime in the fall. It's a long trail!

Bonnie said...

Hi Alex, want to join us? The fun thing about the virtual hike is that no matter where we are on the trail, we're all hiking together. Which is great because I'm the one bringing up the rear at the moment, and I'd love to have company :D