Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Day 398, Monday March 30

We have computer virus's at work, so I have a scan running that is taking all my cpu:(

Raining so went to the gym, road the bike 10 minutes 1.8M, then an elyptical freed up so did that for 20 minutes for anther 2 miles. Jog to the gym and back .2. Did Pilates in the evening.

total: 4
AT: 1,945.5


Bonnie said...

3.4 miles since last report. Sigh, not a good month. I thought I was going to break 50 easily but I'll have to have an above average day today (art class) to even come close. Sigh.

March: 46.5
and year: 196.4
AT: 913.4

Valerie Comer said...

Gently sleeting on the morning walk. Bleh. Short noon walk and after work also, so 3.9 for the day.

AT: 1519.37
YTD: 378.57