Friday, July 4, 2008

Day 124, Thursday July 3rd

Busy day, Bonnie got up early and we played golf first thing in the morning 2 miles. Rode stationary bike at lunch time 6.82 (and lifted weights). In between thunder storms we managed our evening walk 1.5 miles. Went to bed exhausted.

Total: 10
AT: 673

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Bonnie said...

Nothing Wednesday, because I didn't want to get that far from the bathroom. Thursday: 2 miles of golf, half a mile of running around (visiting the bookstore and picking up groceries and stuff like that), and 1.6 in the evening. So 4 total. And that finally puts me over 300 on the year! WooHOOO!

July: 5.6
AT: 253.3
YTD: 303.2