Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Day 129, Tuesday July 8

Another hot day with lots of meetings so I ran first thing in the morning 3.5. Had a little free time at noon so walked 1 mile. Evening, Bonnie and I walked the usual 1.5

Total 6
AT: 701.5


Bonnie said...

Errands and stuff for around half a mile, and our usual evening walk, so I'll say 2 miles for the day.

Brutally hot and humid, the kind of day where even lying in front of an air-conditioning vent wears the cats out :D

July: 21.5
AT: 269.0
YTD: 319.1

Valerie Comer said...

Aargh, why can't I keep caught up in here!! Saturday-Sunday-Monday-Tuesday. Okay, here goes.

Saturday: 2 walks and yard work for a total steppage of 9242.

Sunday I'd have gotten more steps if I'd worn the pedometer while we rounded up cows and did shots (they're sick with pink eye), but I didn't want to risk losing it and having it get trampled in the muck, so I didn't wear it. The rest of the day netted me 6841 steps.

Monday, walks at morning and at noon hour, total steps 10338.

Tuesday, walks at morning and noon hour again, total steps 8628. Plus AquaFit in the evening, for which there is no reasonable measurement.

That puts my stats at:
AT: 452.26
YTD: 549.36

I think I'm closing in on Virginia. :)